Tonight’s wonderful blend involves two of my favorites, Brooklyn and mexican. I prepared a fresh chicken quesadilla with peppers and onions, complimented by a Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. The spectacular spices mesh well with the IPA, there was a delightful zing when I took a bite of food followed by a swig of brew. Below is a short summary on meal preparation.

   Begin by cleaning 6-8 chicken tenderloin (I buy the huge frozen bag at Sams Club, you though can use fresh from the store as well), you will also want to clean a bell pepper. Now, with the peppers, I prefer a blend of colors, so I use orange, yellow and red, but you can use either on separate or the green. Dice the pepper and saute in EVOO, add diced red oinion. Use your discretion here, if you want more veggies, then add more veggies and vice versa. This isn’t rocket science. So, cook for several minutes then add the chicken, once the chicken is in the pan, add mexican seasoning, found in the mexican isle. Now, just pan fry till thoroughly cooked throughout. Once the mixture is finished, prepare a skillet with two quesadilla shells, spread shreaded mexican cheese then add the chicken and veggies, sprinkle more cheese on top before closing. Brown the quesadillas till lightly toasted on each side. Garnish the dish with lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream and salsa, of course, use your favorites of these. Enjoy this dish and beer, it’s a good one.


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