Now, I’m a huge fan of beer brats, I eat them all the time during football season and decided to have one for dinner tonight. I’m not making these things from scratch, Johnsonville makes a great beer brat, prepackaged (Yeah I know) and pre-cooked. I just grab those and some fresh rolls and you got a meal, of course for the wife I need to dress it up a bit. I grabbed a Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager out of the stash tonight and drank that while housing my brat. What a great match, the heartiness of the brat (now, this is no hotdog, it’s like a hot dog times 10) went quite well with the Amber Lager I paired with it. The brat is pretty mellow in the spice department and the hop flavor of the beer was pretty low key as well, great match there. The brat meat is light, it’s not real heavy like a steak or anything, put that with the Amber Lager which is no Imperial Stout, pretty medium bodied. Overall, things went quite well, now I did dress up the Brat a bit with some sauteed peppers and onions, along with a side of baked garlic fries and topped off with Nathan’s Mustard. The mustard added a little zing to the sandwich, which was nicely complimented by the low bitterness of the Old Scratch. This was a terrific ordinary pairing, a super simple dinner and a great all around beer to pair with, check below for the details. 

   As mentioned above, these were the pre-packaged brats at the store, now I prefer Johnsonville, but that’s just me. Toss them on the grill on medium heat and brown the outside to your liking, they are pre-cooked, so no worries there. I did dress this sandwich up, I sauteed some peppers and onions in olive oil and served them on the sandwich. Top this thing off with the all original Nathans Mustard off of Coney Island and you have one spectacular Brat. 
   Now you’ve heard me mention before the rule for choosing potato quantity, always just figure one medium potato per person. So, just to speed things along, when I make fries in the oven, I put the potato’s in the micro for about 2 minutes, just to start to soften the insides.  Once the cooking is finished, remove and slice into fries. There is no set size for slicing the potato’s, but the thicker the fries, the longer it takes to cook through to the center. Lay the cut fries onto a cookie sheet, that has been greased with PAM, when the fries are laid out give them a quick coat with PAM. This is the time to add your spice of choice to the fries, tonight I added California Garlic Salt, at times it’s just salt or Dinosaurs Foreplay Rub, pretty much whatever you like. Set the oven for 25 minutes, be sure to check the fries at about 15 minutes and continue to cook until a lit golden color. 
   This is a very simple and quick meal to put together, actually I made this meal cause we had been out skiing and I didn’t have a lot of time for prep if we wanted to eat before 8 pm. Be sure to grab an Amber Lager for this meal, now you can sub with another breweries Amber Lager if you want. You’ll have to go pretty far to find a Flying Dog, I’ve got my sources. 
   Brats = 8-10 mins. on medium heat
   Fries = 15-25 mins. @ 400ºF


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