Tonight i did something totally different, I happened to have a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter icing, so I thought I’d have a beer with it. I went to the basement and came back up with a Stone Brewing Company Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, wow, that name is a real mouth full, but then again, so is the beer. The beer is very heavy in body, strong chocolate notes and subtle coffee aftertones, which accentuate the cake very well. Take a bite of cake along with a little swig of brew, it just made the chocolate pop. It was as if all the chocolate, that from the cake and that from the beer, decided to have a party in my mouth. I can’t say as I have ever had a beer with my desert, at least not while sober, but I’m sold on the idea. Watch for more desert pairings real soon. As for the cake, I know little about it because I didn’t make it. 

   Now, I didn’t prepare this wonderful cake, it was super moist and I know how that was done. The cake was just your typical box variety, but the special secret is mayonaise. Yep, mayo, put 1 cup of mayo in your cake batter and BANG! it’s the moistest cake you’ve ever eaten. As for the icing, it was the chocolate stuff  you buy in the baking goods isle, though it was mixed with peanut butter, I’m sure you can mix that taste, there’s no set amount of peanut butter to add. I like peanut butter, so in that case I would go overboard. Give this a shot, you’ll like it, I’m sure of it. Cheers!


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