We had a birthday party tonight, so no cooking for me, which was a nice break. I wanted though to still bring a good beer to the table even though we were just ordering in. Dinner ended up being pepperoni pizza and Buffalo wings, which was easy to put a beer with, I had just the perfect beer for this dinner. Sure, it’s just pizza, we eat it all the time, it’s super common and how many people have drank beer with pizza? But what kind of beer? I’m sure it was of the BMC (Bud, Miller, Coors) variety, which isn’t much of a pairing. Of course I wanted to really pair a beer with pizza, so to the basement I went and emerged with a great brew. Tonight’s beer of choice was Ithaca Brewing Company Casca Zilla [the monstrously hoppy red ale]. Now most of the time a pale ale is matched with pizza, but I figured the pepperoni and the spicy flavor of the meat required something a little more hearty, plus we were having hot wings which needed some zing in the brew. The hops in this overly hopped red ale complimented the spicy wings immensely, really drew the flavor out of the wing sauce when washing the last bite down with a sip of brew. Now back to the pizza, a red ale is typically not a very heavily bodied beer, probably not much heavier than a pale ale, but the color quite a bit darker, a red amber tone. I thought the color complimented the pizza great, given the tomato sauce and pepperoni, plus the hops went great with the pepperoni spice and heat of the wings. Overall is was a great pairing for me, a common one, with a super common food, with a very uncommon beer. 



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