What a fabulous dinner this was tonight, I had been thinking about this sandwich all day. I did make it once before, which was my trial run, but I certainly hit it out of the park tonight. Anyway, what we have tonight was my version of a cheesesteak, I’ll go through the details further down the line, a sandwich I have worked on for some time to get the right taste here at home. This was one hearty sandwich, it deserved a beer that could hold up to such extremes, I came back from the basement with a Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter. Now, I’m a huge porter fan, so robust and full of flavor, nice balance of hops, it all just culminates together so well in this style. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not the most popular beer style today, you just don’t hear much about porters from breweries, not a lot of micro’s do porters. As for Troegs, their porter really fits the bill, hitting all the notes and undertones that one would expect from such a hearty beer. This beer is so robust in all areas from color, malt flavor and aroma, this being the reason it paired so well with such a classic sandwich. This beer is just so robust and plentiful which lent itself well to the heartiness of the steak, cheddar, veggies and the mayo. Be sure to check out the notes below on the preparation of this sandwich, your sure to love it. Be sure to grab a porter to wash it all down.

   This is a pretty easy sandwich to whip up, I think mine took about 20 minutes. I did though make some baked fries to accompany my sandwich, see other posts on making baked fries, these are a staple in my diet. Anyway, the first step in this process is to pick the right meat at the store, I use sliced sirloin, the butcher at the store usually slices it for me (they can do a much better job than I can and faster). So, you’ve got the right meat, be sure to grab your favorite hoagie roll at the store while your there as well. Start by cutting some of your favorite veggies, for my sandwich I used a yellow bell pepper and some red onions, I would have used some mushrooms, but I was out. Use about half of the pepper per pound of meat and use onions to taste, I like onions but the wife does not, so I have to hold back a bit. Saute these veggies in a pan with olive oil on medium high heat, till they start to brown, then add the meat. I added a bit of Worchestershire sauce and salt, to give a little extra flavor (that it did indeed). You will have a lot of water in the pan, which is fine, it’s coming from the meat, let the pan reduce, once the water is gone, the meat is done. Remove from stove and add that to your roll that you have prepared already, during some downtime while cooking the meat. I prep my rolls with mayo, of course, some sliced lettuce and tomatoes, now I prefer cherry tomatoes, so I slice them up and throw them on my sandwiches. Now lay a couple pieces of yellow cheddar cheese over the top and put the sandwich in the broiler, till the cheese is melted and the roll begins to brown. Remove from heat and totally devour this sucker, it’s that good, just look at the picture. Be sure though to wash it down with a Porter, now I’ll recommend the Troegs Porter, keeping it real in PA, any porter will do though (don’t use a flavored beer here).
   Fries = 20 minutes
   Cheesesteak w/ veggies = 20 minutes


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