After the day I had, I certainly needed a beer. During lunch today, I hit a nice little deli that has a small but nice beer selection. There were just so many beers that I wanted to take home, but was limited of course by the cash in hand. I left the store with several beers, though the one that was going with dinner was Rogue Juniper Pale Ale. I’d like to say I’ve had a lot of Rogue’s, probably the most popular Dead Guy Ale or Shakespeare Stout, but never this one. I was quite anxious to pair this beer tonight, given a pale ale, I figured a cheeseburger would go well. The juniper however, had another dimension to consider, juniper being the main ingredient for gin, it added a crispness and sharp spicy flavor that most pale ales lack. I wanted to accentuate the spiciness from the beer in the burger, so I added some spices and some hot peppers. There was a remarkable after taste with this pairing, a taste that created such freshness, like a spring morning. Such a nice blend of hops that cut the fatty taste vary well. This is one remarkable pale ale, by style pale ale’s are usually crisp and fresh, the juniper takes this one to another level. It’s a must try with a spicy burger, see below for dinner preparation details. 

   I’m sure that most people already know how to cook a burger, I will though give details on how my process. First step is the meat, I don’t buy just any meat, once again, I hit my favorite little meat market for my burgers. They actually preform patties and flash freeze them, this is quite handy to keep around, without the worry of the meat going back. They are roughly quarter pound burgers, with the right amount of fat, so they don’t shrink too much. So, to start I get my grill good and hot, clean it and cut it back to medium heat, slow and low is the way for a burger. I place the burgers on the grill and give them plenty of time to thaw (a step you won’t worry about if use fresh meat).  Once they begin to thaw, I hit ’em on each side with Worchestershire sauce and salt, but tonight I gave them a coating of Dinosaurs Foreplay Rub which is a spicy bar-b-que rub. Cook to preference, I’m a medium rare man myself, so I temp. the meat to 135-40ºF. Just before the meat is done, I place a small scoop of Feta cheese and cover with cheddar and let melt, be sure to grill your roll also. I used a flat bread tonight, per my wife’s recommendation, I was leery, but it was great, I tasted the burger instead of a ton of roll. I prepared my burger with a slather of canola mayo. and topped with homemade hot peppers. 
   Prepare your salad to your preference and use dressing of choice. I started with green leaf lettuce, topped with cross sliced peppers, cherry tomatoes and a bit of feta (we are huge feta fans).
   Burger = 10-15 minutes
   Salad = 0 minutes


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