If you’ve been following this blog, you would have read several posts ago that I love Mexican foods. Tonight was just that, I whipped up some steak fajita’s which were quite delightful and fresh. The beer to accompany me while cooking and then to pair so wonderfully with my meal was Boulder Beers Cold Hop British Bitter. Now, the bitter part may be a stretch, the hops were certainly mellow in this brew. Although, when chasing a bite of the fajita, the salsa really added intensity to the beer. It almost made the hop presence more than what it initially was. The malts however were off the hook for such a golden beer, brewed in the British tradition for a bitter, it has a great body to it. A sweet, malty flavor reigns in the initial gulp, with a minimal after taste of hops. The robust malty flavor lent itself well to the hearty steak, while the hops drew the spicy essence to the front of the palette. Be sure to try one with your fajita’s next time.

   This is a very, very easy meal to prepare. Start with the meat, I bought pre-sliced sirloin steak at the grocery store (you can substitute chicken also). Add olive oil to a pan and turn stove onto medium heat, let pan stand and heat for several minutes. Add the meat, a lot of water will fill the pan, let it evaporate. While the meat is cooking add mexican spice powder, preferably do this while there is still water in the pan. Stir the meat continuously and remove from pan when browned. While the meat is cooking, you can prepare your toppings, I used lettuce and cherry tomatoes. To assembly, lay out a large tortilla shell and spread a coating of sour cream. Add the tomatoes, lettuce and meat then top with the salsa and finally cheese. Place this in the broiler on low for just enough time to melt the cheese, but not cook the shell. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this meal, it is simple, yet very tasty, especially when the produce is fresh. 
   Fajita Steak = 8-12 minutes


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