Barleydine was running a bit low on stock in the beer cellar, so I went for a hunt today. The beer I original intended to pair was bumped for another night. Tonight is Valentines Day, so I had planned a spectacular dinner for me and my wife. A colleague of mine gave me some pointers on the dinner, he shared many of his secrets, which I can’t share with you. Tonights dinner was shrimp alfredo with which I paired Red Hook Copper Hook. The alfredo was fresh, smooth and creamy. Hints of garlic and shallots, sweet notes accentuate the creamy sauce that so sweetly coated the pasta and shrimp. Copper Hook contrasted the dish just perfectly. Neither the malt nor the hops in the beer overpowered the food, instead it contrasted and evened the creaminess very well. The hops were quite subdued and accentuated the garlic flavor of the dish. The malt sweetness paired well with the shallots and the creamy sauce. It was a terrific pairing, really complimented the Shrimp Alfredo quite well through contrast. Red Hook Copper Hook is a smooth beer with a light mouth feel and a fantastic malt and hop balance. It is quite refreshing and low key, given the ingenuity that is spawning these high gravity beers, this one is a refreshing change.

   My colleague was once a working Chef, now a teacher of the craft. He shared with me his many secrets for this dish, secrets which I told him I would not share. Essentially he gave me a recipe that he used at a well know restaurant in Philly. It’s a nice perk to know folks in the business. I assured him that I would not share the recipe, that would be quite unfair to post a well known restaurants secrets on here. So, sorry people, you’ll have to find your own recipe this time. But do try the beer with it for sure.

beer + food = Barleydine

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