Barleydine does far more than pair food with beer. We get into making a little of the sweet stuff ourselves. Today a buddy came over and played the roll as assistant brewmaster, which went quite well. It was nice to have someone there to help out, not very often I get a hand on brew day. Today we brewed up Wine X Ale (wine experiement ale), it will be a light bodied ale fused with sweet wine and re-fermented. It was the perfect afternoon, about 40ºF, sun shining on my back porch, so I decided to brew outdoors. As we brewed we of course sampled some fine beers. We had quite an impressive line up to sample, considering I recently returned from a successful beer hunt. The honey ale that I had brewed several weeks ago was ready for a tasting and was quite fabulous, it needs just bit more time in the bottle. In time, it will be a beautiful little vessel of malty sweetness accentuated by the beauty of honey. With just the right amount of hops to impart a bitter flavor after the sweet. I’ll be sure to pair it once it’s finished. Be sure to look below at the tasting lineup.

Flying Dog Doggystyle Pale Ale
Brooklyn Winter Ale
Victory Golden Monkey
Redhook Copper Hook
Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale
J*Rand & Co. Honey Ale [w/ Green Tea]
Keep your eyes pealed for this weekends brewing adventure.


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