The US is one of few countries that doesn’t enjoy a beer with breakfast. In Belgium, France and Germany, beer is a staple at breakfast. But, then again, so is frittes (fries) and mayonaise. Anyway, this mornings pairing made me a believer in a breakfast beer. Not for the “hair of the dog” affect or to get a good party day started, but to truly enjoy a wonderful beverage with the best meal of the day. I had the beer all picked out and put together a breakfast around that. I made a simple breakfast sandwich, something many of you eat on a regular occasion. The sandwich was a twist on the every day bacon, egg and cheese that Americans seem to crave. I added a few things that took this sandwich from everyday to gourmet. In the egg mixture I added sliced grape tomatoes and diced mushrooms. Also, to top the sandwich, I added a slather of mayo and a dash of Foreplay Rub (Dinosaur brand BBQ dry rub). With the sandwich I enjoyed a Brewery Ommegang Witte, which is a Belgian Wheat Ale. Those of you who keep up on Barleydine know that I am developing quite the soft spot for Belgians, this one didn’t leave me down. I cracked the bottled and gave it a pour, examining the beer in the glass. Holding it to the light, I saw nothing short of perfection, a very clear beer. Which is quite remarkable given that it’s bottle conditioned, meaning the yeast is still in the bottle. After my visual examination, I took a waft and what a pleasant aroma. Abundant citrus smells permeated my olfactory senses, it was as if there were oranges in the glass. What more pleasant a drink in the morning than the refreshing flavors of citrus. The citrus aroma carried right into the flavor, it was refreshing on palate. A light wheat body didn’t arouse much of a sweet flavor, but mimicked the sweetness of the tomatoes perfectly. Generally vegetable flavors would be masked by the bacon fat and egg flavors, but the light hop bitterness and carbonation cut those flavors very well, leaving you to taste the gamut of flavor. I will definitely drink a Witte at 8 am again, it was so refreshing and pleasing. There will be more beer breakfasts in coming days at Barleydine. Be sure to read on below for food preparation notes.

   This is a very basic sandwich to prepare, but has a load of flavor. Simply cook up some bacon and whip up some eggs and voila, you have a wonderful sandwich. Now, the recipe that I’m going to share is for one sandwich, so scale the contents up accordingly. I like to cook my bacon in the oven, I have a large cookie sheet with an elevated rack that sits on the sheet. This keeps the bacon up out of the grease, leaving a much healthier slab of bacon. Next I prepared the vegetables that would accompany the eggs. I sliced up grape tomatoes, about 3-4 and then sliced up a small amount of mushrooms. I’m not a huge mushroom fan, so I kept them light, but I wanted a bit of an earthy flavor and the texture. Add these vegetables at your liking, also, switch it up and use whatever veggies you like. Leave out the onions though, they will overpower the sandwich, perhaps shallots wouldn’t do so much harm. Anyway, whip up your eggs (I used 1 egg) and add your veggies and pour into a hot saute pan. You’ll want to cook up your eggs omelette style, that will hold together better on a sandwich. Once your eggs are finished, place your rolls on a cookie sheet, lay the eggs on the roll and top with bacon. Also add a piece of cheese to the sandwich and place in the broiler on low. Be careful what kind of cheese you use, I used American which is very mild. You want the roll to toast up and completely melt the cheese. Take the sandwich out of the oven, once it reaches your toasted preference and add a little mayo and a dash of Foreplay Rub. Your sandwich is ready, don’t forget your Ommegang Witte, trust me, you won’t regret this beer at breakfast.
beer + food = Barleydine


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