Well my friends, Beers of the World was everything that I read it would be. The reviews on Beer Advocate were dead on and it’s tough to describe this place in words, you really must see it. Beers of the World is located in Rochester New York and is the largest and well stocked beer store I have ever been in. There are thousands of beers ranging from American Craft Beers, Belgium, German, Czech, Japan, Austria and so on. There are many other countries represented there, I just couldn’t take it all in. American Craft Breweries take up 13 aisles alone, that’s a third of the aisles in my estimation. Aside from beer, they sell homebrew supplies and a very nice glass collection. The only negative that I read about online was the service, I’m not sure why that was negative, we had great service. Zack helped out tremendously, leading us to the areas and beers that we sought. He gave great advice as well, helping my friend find a nicely aged Barley Wine and me a Biere de Garde, as well as many others. Zach also, personally showed us around the store, chatted with us and answered any questions that we may have had. He’s one knowledgeable beer geek, in some ways, I wish I could work that store and learn all that he knows.

   Over the years I have drank hundreds of different American Craft Breweries beers, I wanted this trip to be an education of the past. Saison Dupont, DeKoninck, Trappistes Rochefort, etc. are historical beers, much history lies within the bottle of these beauties. I did get a bit off track with the Brooklyn’s, but anyone that knows Barleydine knows my obsession for Brooklyn. I couldn’t pass up another bottle of Black Ops Stout and the newly released Local #2. This was an incredible experience, definitely the best beer store I have ever experienced. 
   Be sure to stop back and see all these wonderful beers paired with great foods.
beer + food = Barleydine 


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