This beer has quite an interesting story, a story thousands of years in the making. King Midas’s tomb was unearthed to find this beer recipe as an inscription on an ancient clay pot. Dogfish Head Brewery worked with the University of Pennsylvania to decipher this ancient Egyptian recipe and brew a test batch by Sam Calagione himself.  Midas Touch is quite unique, in that it revisits the days before hops were added to the mash, this beer is instead spiced. It’s quite a remarkable taste, a much different flavor than one is used to. I found it was quite different than what I was used to or expecting. Once, the initial shock passed, I settled in to a very lovely beer. It was very much a beer and mead combination, light/medium bodied in the malts then followed by lovely saffron and honey notes. It rolls lightly on the tongue and rounds out to a medium finish with plenty of carbonation to wipe the palate clean. This beer would make an excellent thirst quencher on a hot scorching day, perhaps the Egyptians thought of that.
This was quite a difficult beer to pair, given I have never tasted anything like it. After the first taste I hit the fridge and pulled out a block Stilton cheese with dates and oranges. What a lovely match the two made. The malt married well with the sweetness of the dates and oranges, while the spices hit home with the bleu cheese flavors of the stilton. Carbonation was present to wipe the palate clean, leaving you refreshed for the next round.
beer + food = Barleydine  


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