Brooklyn Lager, the first beer in Brooklyn Breweries lineup, is a wonderfully traditional lager style beer. There seems to be no deviation from the style with this beer, Garrett and the team certainly did their homework many years ago on this beauty. Upon first sip, you’ll notice there is years of tradition built into this beer. Starting with a beautiful noble aroma and a crystal clear appearance, you can’t help but want to drink it. With it’s sharp, spicy beginning and minimal malt sweetness and a moderate bitterness that leads to a pile of abrupt carbonation and a snappy clean finish. I would say this rivals any German lager that I have ever tasted and goes wonderfully with sausage.

What better could you pair with a lager style beer than sausage. Now, I didn’t make traditional German sausages, as always, I did it with a Barleydine twist. For some time now, I have been substituting turkey sausage instead of regular pork sausage. There are several reasons for this, one is that there is far less grease in turkey sausage than in pork. Also, the fat content of turkey sausage is about half that of pork sausage, leaving you with a very delicious and healthier option to pork sausage.
The relationship between sausage and lagers is classic, one that has been done for hundreds of years. The two link up so well given the balance and play on spices, herbal notes and bitterness.
The beers noble, floral notes team well with the herbal and spicy aromas of sausage, which also carries straight into the flavors. The spicy flavors of the lager marries with the spices and herbs of the sausage, while the bitterness slices through the fat and helps to pronounce the flavors of the meat. There is an abrasive carbonation to wipe the palate clean and a snappy, quick, clean finish to the beer. After a taste, one will understand why when you think German, you think lager and sausage.
beer + food = Barleydine

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