Chicory! I had no clue what chicory was, so I needed to ask someone who did. After a few people told me they had no idea, Chef Paul from Penn College finally explained to me what it is. Chicory is a plant in which the root is dried, baked and ground. It can be used as a coffee additive or as a coffee substitute, as in Chock Full O’ Nuts. Chicory possesses some of the same qualities as coffee, which make it a perfect adjunct for the Dogfish Head Chicory Stout. When I think of Dogfish, usually I think of beers that are far outside of the norm. Honestly, I thought this was another until Chef Paul explained to me what chicory was and what it is used for. 
On to the beer…
I suppose chicory stout is basically a different way of saying coffee stout. It most certainly had the notes and underpinnings of a coffee stout. The pour was very black and viscous, leaving a very dense, dark beer with a tan creamy head perched atop. The aroma was very strong, laced with chocolate and coffee notes and a very slight aroma of hops. First taste revealed a very malty beer, with hints of chocolate and espresso. This beer was very sweet on the tongue and possesses a very heavy mouthfeel, which led to a very long finish. The aftertaste lingered with a sweetness from the malt and a slight bitterness. Which was due to both the hops and the coffee notes in the beer. 
Given the flavors in this beer, I chose to pair it with a glazed chocolate cake donut. This is a combo that you could actually eat at breakfast, it went that well. The chocolate from the donut magnified the chocolate notes in the beer, while the coffee flavors paired up to make the ultimate combination. Isn’t that the breakfast of champions? Coffee and donuts! Anyway, the heavy cake of the donut, lingered nicely with the heaviness of the beer, both playing nicely into the finish. That slight hop bitterness that I mentioned earlier, sliced straight through the heaviness and fats and laid all the above flavors straight down on the tongue. The moderate carbonation in the beer wiped the palate clean, leaving your taste buds refreshed for the next round. Trust me, this is a must try some Saturday morning.
beer + food = Barleydine


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