During one of my many beer adventures I discovered this beer. Uinta Brewery is Utah’s largest craft brewery and makes beer from 100% wind power. Their flagship beer, Cutthroat, is Utah’s number one selling microbrewed beer. The offering I had is of the Kolsch style, a lighter style pilsner lager. Kolsch lagers tend to be difficult to find, it’s almost a dead style, but may be seeing a small resurrection now-a-days in the US. A kolsch goes so well with breakfast, I have been searching for one to accompany my omelette on a Saturday morning.

On to the beer…
Solstice Kolsch is an absolutely gorgeous beer. With a crystal clear golden appearance that glistens in sunlight and a fluffy, white, creamy head. The nose is a gentle eye-opener, with subtle noble hop aromas and citrus notes. A tasting reveals a delicate beer, light on the palate with low malt flavor. A moderate amount of hops comes forward in a very crisp, refreshing flavor. A fair amount of carbonation rounds out a short finish. What a fantastic, delicate beer. Making it perfect for a breakfast pairing or a light appetizer.
I had breakfast in mind when I found this beer. Usually I’ll dabble in a Belgian Wit for breakfast, but I had been wanting to try a Kolsch with my morning meal. Cheese omelette’s are a staple in my daily diet, though I spiced this one up a tad. This omelette was filled with cheese as well as sauteed red peppers and mushrooms. The beer paired so nicely to this breakfast meal. First off, the citrus notes evident in the nose are perfect for a breakfast beer, it almost stands in for the OJ. The red peppers in the omelette are fairly sweet and match perfectly with the subtle malt flavors. The hops contrast any sweetness very nicely and also slice through the heavy eggs flavors helping other flavor notes to settle onto the palate. There was an earthy flavor brought by the mushrooms, which the hops also very easily handled and matched quite nicely. Finally, a mouth scrubbing carbonation came through leaving the palate refreshed and cleansed. Solstice Kolsch did not overpower the meal at all, it was delicate and a delightful addition to the omelette. 

beer + food = Barleydine


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