I’m sure the first time you heard of a micro-brewed beer in a can you either laughed or turned up your nose. You were probably thinking there is no way this beer is any good, it’s in a can. I had my doubts as well, but the amount of press that Oskar Blues is getting as being the first Micro-brewery to do such, I had to try it. Cans are a marvelous package for beer, they outperform glass any day of the week. They’re much more portability and far lighter than glass, they are light tight and totally oxygen free. Before the beers are sealed, they are hit with a CO2 blanket, which prevents oxidation. These benefits really help with shipping, plus it finally gives us campers a more suitable option for the woods.

On to the beer….
Those of you that know me, know that I am a seriously devoted fan of Brooklyn. I have always treasured their beers for their traditional flavors and consistency. Pennant Pale Ale was a honored favorite of mine for a long, long time, but I think that reign is over. Dales Pale Ale is absolutely one of the best, if not the best pale ales I have ever tried. What a fantastic pine aroma, you can smell the freshness. Appearance is gorgeous, a amber color that gleams in the sunlight. A creamy light, tan head builds and heavily laces the glass. Flavor is out of this world. The hops stand strong, beautiful fresh, piney hops that lead into a moderate malt flavor. Carbonation is just right, taking you into a long finish. I’m sure Dales would be great in a bottle as well, but that can contains freshness you can’t get in glass. This has easily become my session beer of choice and is one of few beers that I buy cases of.
It was a gorgeous spring day and I was in the backyard doing some hop planting when I tried Dales for the first time. It was just about lunch time, so I figured I’d fire up the grill and toss on a venison hot-dog. Cooked that puppy till it was slightly dark, plump and juices oozing. Topped it with red onion, nathan’s mustard, ketchup and homemade pickle relish. Alone, venison hot-dogs are pretty damn good, we eat quite a bit of deer meat up here in the north. But, with Dales, it was superb. The hops sliced through the dog fats, calmed the onions and married straight up to the relish. While the malts tangoed with the sweet meat and relish flavors. Of course, the carbonation wiped the palate clean and left you clammering for another round. What a fantastic combo! Dale makes a good day great.

beer + food = Barleydine



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