Southern Tier Heavy Weizen, an Imperial Unfiltered Wheat Ale, now that just sounds banging. I’m a huge fan of Hefeweizen, especially with the weather turning towards the warm side. It just compliments a warm spring day so well. This Hefe though went above and beyond those of normal stature. I busted out this beer one Sunday morning to accompany my BLTCE breakfast sandwich that I whipped up. What’s a BLTCE you ask? Well it’s basically a BLT, but it gets topped with a fried egg and cheese. What a fantastic combination, all of the flavors blended so well together. The greasy bacon topped with American cheese was nicely contrasted by the crisp, fresh lettuce and sweet grape tomatoes. All rounded out by a smather of savory mayo. It’s quite divine I must say. I couldn’t indulge in such a wonderful sandwich without a beer to go with, so out of the barleycellar I rose with a Southern Tier Heavy Weizen.

On to the beer…
As mentioned above this is an Imperial Hefe. Full of the same flavors as a standard weissbier and much, much more. The citrus notes in the nose were far more abundant as well as in the flavor. The head built beautifully in my weissbier vase as usual and left behind some beautiful lacing on the glass. The flavors were out of this world, heavy malts and lots of citrus, more hops than a typical hefe gave this beer a nice, balanced long finish.

The flavors of the beer complimented the sandwich so well. First the citrus aromas and flavors really hit home in the early morning, almost filling in for the lack of OJ. The sweetness of the malts linked right up to the sweet tomatoes, while the hops sliced through the bacon fat, heavy cheese and mayo flavors. The beer paired so well, complimenting each and every layer on the BLTCE. This beer and sandwich combination is once again proof that beer can be for breakfast.

beer + food = Barleydine



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