Who says beer isn’t for breakfast? Well consider those people fools. Beer most certainly can stand up nicely to those rich and savory foods that we devour throughout the a.m. hours of the weekend. I am a huge fan of breakfast. Whipping up crazy concoctions all the time to accompany my beers.

On this beautiful Saturday morning me and a friend, a fellow food lover, put together the most delicious breakfast sandwich known to mankind. The idea was conceived over dinner and drinks the previous evening. What we ended up with was a steak, egg and cheese sandwich, to start. There was actually four kinds of cheese plus fries to top the whole thing off. You can find the recipe at the Barleydine website under the recipes page.

This thing was an absolute monster of savory flavors, it just didn’t end. There were flavor combinations bouncing around all over your mouth from this scrumptious sandwich. Of course, we didn’t eat without a beer. I found some Smuttynose Robust Porter in the Barleycellar that I thought went perfectly. A very full bodied Porter, full of matly sweetness, that contrasted all those savory flavors in the sandwich. Yet, the sweetness also combined well with the sweet caramelized meat and egg yolk. It was incredibly delicious. We’ll be eating this one again really soon.

beer + food = Barleydine



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