Yes folks, it’s burger time! The time of year when we all flock to our grills. Of course there are loads of different things to cook over that wonderful fire. You’ve got your steaks, pork, chicken, kebobs and so on. The list never ends. Me personally, I’m a burger guy, anytime of the day, 7 days a week, I’m ready for a burger. Unfortunately I can’t convince the wife to eat them quite that often.

So, while your outdoors, taking in sounds, sights and lets not forget those wonderful grill aromas, what better to have in had, than a beer. Now, you don’t want just any beer, you need something that is going to contrast and compliment that wonderful cheeseburger all at the same time. I’m talking about an IPA. Wonderful aroma, fantastic flavor, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Today, I made up a classic burger. A one third pound patty, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The Barleycellar had just what I was looking for, Mission IPA. What a fine IPA it is! Upon pouring you see a crystal clear, golden beauty, surging with beautiful floral and grapefruit aromas. The flavor is so well balanced, built from moderate malts and abundant hops, it’s on the lower side of the bitterness scale for an IPA. That aside, it is highly drinkable, a great session beer and married so well with the burger. The bitterness contrasted the sweetness of the caramelized meats and tomato, while the hops cut the heavy fats and directed all the flavors straight to the palate. Remarkable!

I know many of you have already been out to grill. Put down the Miller Lite and grab a Mission IPA. For those of you who can’t get Mission, well I feel for you, otherwise pick up your favorite IPA to accompany that wonderful patty of grilled beef.

beer + food = Barleydine


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