Well, we’ve received some really unfortunate news. As you all know, the Wingman was recently in AZ and did some serious hunting. He found some great stuff out of CA like Great White, as well as some fantastic offerings from New Belgium. There were many others included in the package that I didn’t even know about.

UPS was the chosen courier for this fantastic package, containing about $100 worth of brew. Turns out some of the contents were broken early on in the shipping. The Wingman called UPS and finds out they discarded his whole package. Everything was thrown away, even though there were cans in the package that most likely weren’t broken. Now, he can’t get them to send any evidence of the package.

This looks like some really shady business on UPS’s part. I’ve heard of packages being repackaged when there is a problem. Apparently, most of it broke and they tossed the entire package. Doubtful to me that that’s what actually happened. I’m thinking they opened the package because there was a leak from one broken bottle and found the contents rather appealing. Seems especially shady when they can’t offer any explanation or evidence to him.

So, somewhere, someone is having a spectacular time on Barleydine. As for us, we’re out of a load of great beer.

beer + food = Barleydine


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