Normally Sunday is video day, but I had to make a change to the normal lineup. I found an absolutely perfect pairing this evening, I just don’t know how I would improve on this one. The beer contrasted and complimented tonight’s meal all at the same time. I must say, this is the best pairing yet.

Those of you following me on Twitter would know that I was hitting the Arrogant Bastard pretty hard on Friday night when I found it on tap at one of my favorite establishments. Me and my wife joined the Wingman and his family for some dinner and were quite delighted to see AB on draft. He and I enjoyed several pints as we listened to our wives make fun of our intense love for beer and then talk about “pairing” purses. They just don’t get it.

So, today I had quite the craving for some more A. Bastard. I really wanted to hit the bar again, but the funds said no. I decided to swing by a local six pack shop and grab a bomber. On the way home, I was pondering what to make, when suddenly I hit a “eureka” moment. Steak and bean enchiladas would be the dish that tried to hang with the Bastard. I built the things all the way home in my head and immediately began cooking when I walked through the door.

They started with sauteed bell peppers and red onion in our homegrown Canola oil of course. I sliced a sirloin steak into thin strips and added it to the veggies. To this I blended in my special blend of Mexican spices and then assembled the enchiladas. These things were stuffed with re-fried beans, cheese and steak. We topped them off with sour cream, avacado, jalepenos and a little salsa. Absolutely fabulous!

The remarkable part is just how well the Bastard played with the meal. With it’s heavy hop aroma and beautifully balanced flavor, it stood in perfect harmony with the food. The heavy malt flavor tamed the intense spices of the dish before the hops had even a thought of increasing the heat. The late arrival of the hops was perfect timing, they cut all the heavy flavors, like the avacado and cheese. I wish every pairing could be as good as this, it was perfect.

No substitutions here. I’m telling you, Arrogant Bastard is the way to go for your steak & bean enchiladas. I will, get a recipe written up for eveyone and post it to the site, this is a must try, trust me.

beer + food = Barleydine


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