We’ve done several breakfast pairings here Barleydine, but I’m still not sure everyone is convinced at how lovely it actually can be. There is such a stigma attached to beer here in the US, it’s not viewed with the same respect as in other countries. In Belgium, beer accompanies every meal, kids even drink beer with dinner. Now these beers are very low in alcohol, but none the less, the kids enjoy a good brew at meal time.

When I first started telling people about breakfast pairings, I received some strange looks. A lot of people think beer is just that fizzy, yellow, flavorless stuff, so of course that doesn’t go with breakfast. Also, many associate beer to the bars only and don’t realize the world of beer that exists for us all to enjoy with our meals.

Reissdorf Kolsch is a wonderful German beer. Very light in body, very blonde and delicate. There is a light bitterness, very light on the palate and a lingering dry finish. It’s such a wonderful beer first thing in the morning, it will stimulate your resting palate, but will not overwhelm it. So delicate and perfect for an early morning breakfast.

I whipped up a mess today. Consisting of eggs, potatoes and meat, all cooked together and topped with cheese. These are great dishes for cleaning out the fridge, I happened to have some steak and broasted potatoes left over. There is a lot of flavor happening in this meal, from the sweet meat, heavy egg flavors and the mouth coating cheese. A beer accompanies this meal far better than coffee ever dreamt of doing. The bitterness in the beer counteracts all the heavy, umami flavors as well as the sweet flavors of the meat. Give a breakfast pairing a shot, guarranteed not to be dissapointed.

beer + food = Barleydine


4 Responses to “REISSDORF KOLSCH”

  1. 1 smokingbottle 0 at 10:59 am

    I completely agree with what youve said, breakfast pairings can be great. I do have to disagree with one statement though "In Belgium, beer accompanies every meal, kids even drink beer with dinner." Living in Belgium and being a beer geek, I can say that unfortunately this is far from the truth. When beer tourists come over here they travel searching for beery places and really surround themselves in a beer bubble. This is good for them because it hides the problems that beer really has in this country. Beer has a very big problem with its reputation here. Every Belgian will tell you that Belgium produces the best beer in the world, but in their eyes that is Stella, Jupiler or any other mass-market swill. They just don't drink the good stuff. With dinner the average belgian opens a bottle of wine because "beer is not sophisticated enough to accompany food." Its sad but true. I had a rant about this on my blog a while ago (you can read it at )And the table beers that used to be so prevalent here (and that the children enjoyed) are now only drunk by a few elderly people. There is not a single well-made table beer in Belgium anymore.

  2. 2 LEP 0 at 7:19 pm

    Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. Given that I live in the States and not Belgium, I rest upon the info that I read. Seems that some authors have the truth twisted a tad. I will stop and check out your blog post, perhaps you'd like to be a guest blogger for Barleydine. It'd be great to have your perspective here.ThanksLEP

  3. 3 smokingbottle 0 at 9:07 pm

    Like I said, when tourists come over here they see what they want to see and then think everything is like that. Beer does take a strong hold in the hearts of the belgian folk, but unfortunately the tradition and thirst for good beers has been pushed out by Inbev and the wine industry. Here, beer is for old people or getting drunk… but everyone is proud of Belgian beer, just don't get it near good food.I would be happy to be a guest blogger sometime. I don't know if my writing is really up to a quality that you would like to display here, but I can give it my best shot.

  4. 4 LEP 0 at 9:39 pm

    I think you'd be a perfect fit. Email me at the Barleydine site and we'll go from there. Can't wait to get your perspective. We can also promote your blog at the same time.Joshua

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