It’s been three years since I was here last, missed the last trip due to a job that didn’t pan out anyway. So here I sit on the coast of Maine, watching the sun rise and updating you all on my latest in beer adventures. There’s lots of great beer up here, Atlantic, Allagash, Bar Harbor and Gritty’s are just several of the local breweries. Recently I picked up some Gritty 21 IPA, which proved to be a fantastic IPA. 

21 IPA isn’t one of these crazy Imperial or double IPA’s. It’s a very well balanced and well brewed drinkable IPA. Loaded with hop flavors that don’t kill the palate and a nice malt base that contrasts the bitter very well. I must say, this IPA reminds me a lot of Dales Pale Ale. Even though one is of the Pale Ale family and the other the IPA, they are remarkably alike. 
The Pale Ale and IPA style classifications are very similar. There isn’t a whole lot that separates the two and there is a lot of room for interpretation. Brewers are now reinterpreting many beer styles, so a lot of the characteristics that used to separate one beer from another are blending between styles. We can talk more about this later.
So, back to Maine. The plan was to chow down on loads of seafood. Two problems, one is my wife is pregnant, so she has to watch how much fish she eats and the other problem is a red tide. My wife was cleared to eat as much shellfish as she wanted but now can’t because of this red tide. Apparently it’s a toxin produced by algae that affects only shellfish. We can still get our fix on lobsta though, it just won’t be from right in this immediate area. 
Stayed tuned for more blog posts this week on Maine beers. I grabbed a Dirty Dozen from Gritty the other day and will post some of those great beers as well. Also, I’ll be out traveling around and hunting as usual to find some great beers to bring home.
beer + food = Barleydine

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