This recipe is super easy, and will make you look like a star in the kitchen. Two things I look for in a recipe. Rauchbiers are made from smoked malts, so the beer picks up a smokey ham flavor. Schlenkerla Rauch Marzen is probably the easiest German rauch to find, but if a local brewery in your area makes a smoked porter, or something of that ilk, by all means you can use that. If you live in an area where neither of these are available, a well balanced porter or stout with a drop of liquid smoke will suffice.

Recipe serves about 4 people.

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
2. Place two rack of ribs in large roasting pan, and season with salt and peppper, and a dry rub of your choice.
3. Pour about 12oz of rauchbier in the bottom of the pan.
4. Cover roasting pan with foil, place ribs in the center of the oven, and cook for about 2 1/2 hours. Ribs should begin to tear away from the bone without too much resistance.
5. Briefly cook ribs on both sides on a grill until they get a nice char (not black), and slather with BBQ sauce.

***If you’re making this recipe, but don’t want to use the grill, the ribs can be crisped under the broiler. They won’t get the smokey char flavor, but they will crisp up.***

Tim Nichols



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