I would have to say that breakfast is my favorite meal to pair. There’s just something about starting your day off with a great beer. This morning, after going to the grocery store, I came back and threw some bacon in the oven. [Yeah, I bake my bacon on a raised rack to eliminate as much grease as possible.] As the bacon cooked, I dug through the fridge, finding ingredients to include with my wonderful strips of swine. Then the thought came, I need a beer for breakfast, to the Barleycellar I went and knew exactly what I was looking for. Brasserie Caracole Troublette is a Belgian Witbier and would prove perfect for my morning grub.

Troublette is a beautifully balanced delicate wheat beer brewed in the Belgian tradition. Citrus is very prominent in the aroma and follows through into the flavor. The beer is very smooth and silky due to the wheat, which keeps the beer light as not to overpower the food. I truly think a wibier was intended to drink during breakfast.

My sandwich that was to accompany the beer was a bacon, egg, cheese and pepper panini. The citrus flavors and hop bitterness handled the bacon like a champ. The hops also cut the heavy egg flavors, and the sweetness of the beer linked well with the peppers. A beautiful balance leads directly to a short finish without tiring the palate. The beer married every aspect of the sandwich very well.

Witbier is a must have in anyone’s cellar. Next time your entertaining with breakfast, whip out a beer. Be sure to notice the crazy looks you get from your friends as they sip their bloody marry’s. They will be pleasantly surprised.

beer + food = Barleydine



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