Three dollars seems like a lot to pay for a candy bar, but once you’ve had a quality bar of chocolate, there is no going back to Hershey’s. You’re a grownup now, and it’s time your chocolate grew up as well. Good dark chocolate is complex in flavor, and not nearly as sweet as milk chocolate. It’s a pleasure that’s sophisticated, but still makes you feel like a kid lording over your stash after Halloween.
A porter or stout with chocolate would be a little redundant. This pairing needs some fruit, and that is just what the Kasteel Rouge brings to the table (or the Easy Chair). This beer is all cherry. It tastes just like the local Rainier cherries my wife and I just bagged at a local u-pick, with a mild carbonation, and just a faint bit of sourness. Only the Belgians can assault you with that much fruit, and still produce a beer that is not too sweet. Wonderfully refreshing in this summer heat, and balances perfectly with the mild bitterness of dark chocolate.



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