For the price of a movie ticket, a small soda, and a small popcorn, you can get a months worth of unlimited rentals from Netflix. If you have kids and add a babysitters fee, that’s about another two months worth movie rentals for one trip to the theater. In this sagging economy, why not stay home and save some money? Don’t get me wrong, if there is an epic big screen gem, I’m all in favor of seeing it on the big screen. How many of those movies come out every year; maybe five? Even if there is something worth seeing the theater has two major drawbacks. Overpriced generic snacks, and most importantly, NO BEER! I am too old to sneak a beer into a theater, and if you are out of college and paying for your own residence, so are you. Invite some friends over, fire up the HDTV, rent some classics, and enjoy these beer and snack pairings that you just can’t get at your local mega-plex theater.

Tim Nichols



  1. 1 Steve 0 at 1:54 pm

    I also much prefer to watch movies in the comfort of our home. However, when my wife starts bugging me to actually leave the house to see a film, we go to the Alamo Drafthouse or one of the other theatres that now serve beer and food directly to your seat while you watch the movie. She gets the out-of-house movie experience and I still get to drink beer while watching a movie.

  2. 2 Tim Nichols 0 at 3:38 pm

    Good point! The places in my area that serve beer at the movies have a so-so beer selection, and you can't pause the movie once that beer hits your bladder!

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