If you a reader of Barleydine, you’ll know my love affair for Dales Pale Ale. A wonderfully, hoppy Pale Ale, without a doubt the tastiest beer in can one could consume. Until now, Gordon, the big brother to Dale, the double IPA is a serious mouth explosion of flavor. Loaded with hops carried from the aroma directly to the palate. It’s a serious overload for the pie hole. Absolutely fantastic DIPA, especially in a can. Can’t beat that. 

It just so happened that the first time I tried Gordon, I had a plate full of coconut macaroons in the house. Man, did that beer ever contrast those cookies to perfection. If your not familiar with a macaroon, it’s loaded with sweetness, from the coconut to the sweetened-condensed milk their made with. They are perfection, in my eyes. Gordon did a fantastic job at contrasting all that sweetness with a serious bitter blow to the tongue. Cutting the sweet flavors and quickly cleansing the palate. 
Fantastic pairing. A cookie and a beer. Can’t ask for a simpler cookie than a macaroon and certainly can’t ask for a better beer to accompany that cookie than Gordon. Be on the lookout.
beer + food = Barleydine

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