On the release day, 300 bottles of Frambozen sold out in under 20 minutes. I was fortunate to score a case, which I purchased to give out to several gents scattered about the country. I had figured two bottles for myself. One to partake of and one to cellar. Then I decided to trade one of my bottles for two Rode Harrings and skip aging one. Turns out, I miscounted and ended up with only one bottle and already had the trade set. I had to give up all the Frambozen without trying any. I was pretty disappointed.

It’s been a month since my mathematical mishap and another Bullfrog release was on the brink. As I emailed the fella’s I get beer for, we began figuring out whether we would trade the beers or if I’d just get my money back. In one of the emails, I mentioned that I didn’t get any Frambozen, so one of the guys offered to trade one back for the next release. Of course I jumped all over that.

I anxiously awaited the return of the precious Frambozen. Upon it’s arrival I immediately chilled it down for a glorious night of sour indulgence. The time had come and I quickly, or so I thought removed the cork. Bullfrog corks tend to be a bit stuborn though. Anyway, the aroma on the cork was tart and sour, the pour revealed a burgundy colored body. Frambozen reminded me a lot of Rose de Gambrinus by Cantillon. Which is a remarkable feet for a small brewery in the heart of PA. Cantillon has been making Wild beers for hundreds of years.

Overall, fantastic tart, sour flavor and aroma. Nice light body and remarkably drinkable with a hint of raspberry flavor. Pair this beer with very sweet deserts, such as plain cheesecake or cakes with cream cheese frostings. Explore this world of sour beers and try to get ahold of some of the Bullfrogs special releases.

beer + food = Barleydine



  1. 1 Justin 0 at 7:56 pm

    That looks delicious. I must try!

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