It’s quite remarkable how many micros are now offered in a can. With the start of the can revolution coming from Oskars Blues in CO, they have certainly started a trend. Now, I have never heard of High Noon Saloon and Brewery before now, that just goes to show the amount of breweries out there canning their goods.

Weekly, either my wife or I, or possibly the two of us attend a weekly farmers market where we find the absolute freshest produce. One weekend, my wife scored a rather large eggplant for a whopping $0.50, which made multiple dinners and lunches. Anyway, of course I would want to pair a beer with the meal of the evening, which turned out to be eggplant pizza.

Pizza can be all over the board as far as flavors go, depends on who’s cooking it and what their recipe consists of. Personally I like a spicier sauce, so I go to town when I’m putting my ingredients together. There is loads of garlic flavor in the sauce that I made for the eggplant pizza, so when choosing the beer I went with something that totally contrasted the flavor. Annie’s Amber Ale proved to fit well with the meal, the sweet malt easily contrasted all the spicy flavors in the sauce. There was just enough hops to slice through the ricotta and mozarella cheeses. The carbonation cleansed the palate leaving you refreshed for the next bite.

Next time you sit down with a pizza, grab yourself some Annie’s Amber if you can find it. If not, grab your favorite Amber Ale before diving into that perfect pie.

beer + food = Barleydine



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