As a lot of us know, Wild beers are all the rage right now all across the country. From New Belgium, too Russian River, the Bullfrog and several others, these beers are popping up all over the place. Many of them are palate killers with the abundance of sour, tart flavors, but to many of us, we find that quite refreshing. Wild beers have been produced in Belgium for centuries, including; lambics, gueuze, flanders and so on. We are now just beginning to replicate those beers here in the US. Belgian beers were never intended to be forced into categories. Brewers made the beers to their flavor likings and that’s it. Not paying any attention to style rules and guidelines. The US comes along and forces their wonderful concoctions into categories for judging purposes. So, there is a lot of interpretation for styles out there. New Belgium La Folie is categorized as a Flanders Red Ale, it’s a wonderful version of the “style”, you can read the notes below. Yet, there exist beers such as Flat Earth Rode Haring and Rat Rider or Duchesse de Bourgogne that are all labeled as Flanders Reds, yet taste remarkably different. I wanted to make note of that so when you begin down this Wild road, you keep your mind open for the interpretations that are true to Belgian brewing. 

Poured a hazy (almost murky) brown color with amber and orange highlights around the edges. Underneath the tangy blanket of sour funk, there was also a sweet rich malt aroma, cherries, toffee, and dark fruits. The taste was dominated by a tart sourness, but a lot of other flavor did come through to blend nicely with the pucker. A hint of malty sweetness was present and some fruity notes of cherry and plum and possibly even grape. Medium bodied with a very spritzy, almost sharp carbonation.

Pairings: fried foods, tangy cheese, fruit tart.

beer + food = Barleydine

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