Ah, India Pale Ale’s, perhaps the most popular of craft beer styles. There are many interpretations of this wonderful beer, from the dry hopped and wet hopped, to the overly hopped and ridiculously hopped. Hopheads just can’t get enough.

Bells Hopslam is a very well known IPA. Actually listed at 26 on Beer Advocates Top 100 Beers of the World list. Now, the trick to Hopslam is the get it as fresh as you can. Reason being, it’s loaded with fresh hops, which are best the fresher you can get it. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t all that fresh. Yet, it was still a very delightful beer. 
Hopslam has a med/light body that stands out of the way of the hop flavor. The aroma smells as though you’ve stuck you head in a hop vine. There isn’t a hop punch, like you get with Hop Devil, it’s more subtle and more balanced. There is a slight malt sweetness, that balances out the beer. 
At dinner time, we sat down to beef and bean enchiladas. As you can see they are packed and loaded with flavors. I was sure not to make these too spicy, as IPA’s accentuate the spice of a dish like this. I did my best to make the enchiladas with the freshest ingredients I could, I thought that would play well with the beer. The heavy bean, steak and cheese flavors were mastered by Hopslam. There was a new dynamic working with a beer such as this, with it’s abundance of fresh hops.
You’ve seen several write-ups on Mexican based dishes here at Barleydine in which I promote an IPA with the dish. I just love the way in brings out the heat, cause it’s the heat that I like. There are loads of IPA’s to match up to you food, they all would most likely work. Some better than others. Difference, not all beers are hopped to fresh perfection like Hopslam.
beer + food = Barleydine

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