Ok, lets talk about the best damn sandwich ever to land on my plate. The BarleyBacker has to be the most delicious sandwich ever devised by a team of football tailgaters. 

This delectable sandwich starts with a firm foundation of Italian bread, smathered with butter and garlic and grilled to perfection. We then lay on a beautifully grilled thinly sliced sirloin steak and top that monster beef with sauteed onions and peppers. Now, as I’m sure you already know, this thing can’t go without cheese, so on goes several slices of provolone. The kicker with this sandwich is the egg. Yeah, that’s right, fried eggs top this protein beast, giving it just what it needs to be a pre-kick-off sandwich. 
Now, on the important part, the beer. We always look for a great beer to assist us in the consumption of our meals. For the BarleyBacker, we decided on Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale. This beer is quite moderate on the malts and has a loaded hop bill. Those hops were perfect for cutting the heavy flavors and fats. What a spectacular combination, the beer was the perfect contrast to the big ole sandwich. Truly a delightful way to kick off the professional football season. 
Be sure to try this one out, we’ll be happy to hook you up with the details. Also, watch for more wonderful concoctions from Barleydine and the Wingman. We’ve got a lot up our sleeves. Stop back to see.
beer + food = Barleydine

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