Not sure how you feel, but in opinion pizza is without a doubt one of the greatest meals of all time. So many varieties, from pepperoni to sausage to white pizza. The best part, it tastes totally different from shop to shop. 

If your a pizza junky like me, a way to take it to the next level is with a great beer. Depending on the spices in the sauce, the amount of cheese, the choice of meat and so on, you can pair up a wide varieties of beers with your pie. To take it a step further you have the choice to compare or contrast the flavors between the beverage and the meal. 
The pizza shown above is one that I actually threw together in my own kitchen. Using a prepackaged crust and my homemade sauce, it came together rather nicely. The sauce was quite spicey, just the way I like it, which teamed up well with the pepperoni. In the BarleyCellar I found an IPA that I figured would play well with the flatbread concoction. Longtrail IPA was the choice, because of it’s floral bouquet, yet somewhat tamed hops flavor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still bitter, but more sessionable than a lot of IPA’s of the day. It had the punch to cut through the cheese and link well with the spices of the sauce and meat. Yet it was still delicate enough not rule over the pizza overall.
Next time your going to enjoy the best meal in a box, pull out an IPA.
beer + food = Barleydine

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