A truly remarkable Flanders Oud Bruin. One of the original wild beer styles. Now days, American breweries are making their mark on the wild beer scene. Although, I’m convinced you just can’t beat the originals. There is so much history to drinking some of these originals from Belgium, to me that is half the pleasure of the beer.

Oerbier Special Reserva is quite tart, a nice fruity sourness, that leads to a long finish with an abundant horse blanket aroma. It’s quite silky as it pours and appears murky brown with gorgeous burgundy highlights as it glimers in the sunlight. It truly is a fantastic example of a wild beer and also happens to come from the best region for wild beers. Flanders has a lot of history for producing such beers. There really is only two styles that emerged, being a red and a brown. Personally, the red is slightly more tart and fruity and more to my liking, but the brown is truly a magnificent beer as well.

If your interested in wild beers, be sure to do a history lesson in the style. There are some fantastic beers out there, that have been around for hundreds of years.


Pours a cloudy angry stormy crimson firey hue topped with an instantly settled collar of pale fluff. No bubbles rising.

Tart Sweet ‘n Sour candy nose pucker with a lemon peel ouch. Straight Cantillion gueuze fresh flower pinch.

First swigs: Earthy bite less pucker deserving than the nose suggests. Candy hints of Pez. Easy barnyard whisps of grace that wane instantly leaving behind a lemony leather. A tighter tang would be great. Just nibbled on tartness.

Feel is slightly frothy with a rolling effervescence.

Last swigs: Earthy Cantillion. Glad we met. quite swiggable. Glad to find and try. Remember that the is 13% next time! Feels like 6%.

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beer + food = Barleydine



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