This is an absolute masterpiece. Hands down, one the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. Me and the Wingman came up with this on the fly Saturday after our hunt. We had originally thought about eating at Otto’s in State College, but we wanted to enjoy some beers and we all know, drinking pints of fresh ales and jumping behind the wheel isn’t a good idea.

So what we have here is a double burger, with bacon of course and mozzarella sticks. That’s right mozz sticks. Talk about abundant flavors, lots of heavy mouth coating flavors. But we had the beer for the job.

During our hunt in PSU we went to our usuall Dales pck up spot, in which they had no full cases of Dales. The Wingman asked the manager if there was any in the back, he said. I then asked if he could order me beer, he asked what, and I replied, “Gordon”. He said it just so happened they had three cases in the back. They ordered them in for Zeno’s, who hasn’t bothered to come pick them up yet. So, out the door with Gordon I went.

Back to the sandwich. All that heavy flavor was easily matched by Gordon, a robust Double IPA. Perhaps even a very hoppy Red Ale, whichever you’d like to call it. It’s pretty much Dales, with a tad more malt and a lot more hops. Goes great with a mouth bomb of a sandwich like we had Saturday.

Be sure to look for it, look hard, cause it’s not easy to find.

Other pairing suggestions:

Carrot Cake
Krispy Kreme Glazed Donut

beer + food = Barleydine


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