My wife and I enjoy Salmon on a regular basis. We just love the fish and the many ways you can prepare it. We never grow tired of it. Our preferred method of preparation is to dress the fillets with a smather of canola mayonaise, onion powder and a touch of garlic and bake for a short time. The outcome is a very succulent dish, loaded with flavor.

I’ve paired this dish many times and often with a different beer each time. Doing so brings out flavor notes that go unnoticed. This time I decided to try a wheat beer and it so happens that I had a Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat in the basement. The beer was light in color and on hops, which is typical of a wheat. The best part about a wheat is the creamy mouthfeel and the slightest hint of citrusy flavors. Wheat beers are so refreshing, perfect for hot summer days.

The simplicity of this beer is really its crowning achievement. It in no way competed with all the flavors of the fish. Instead it complimented the Salmon with small little nuances of flavor. For example, the light citrus flavor of the beer gave the fish a very refreshing finish. The creamy texture complimented the light, flaky meat of the Salmon. While the hops, though very subtle, linked up well with the spices used as well as contrasting the savory flavors of the fish. It’s a very simple beer and a very simple pairing.

beer + food = Barleydine



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