You may remember this lovely sandwich from one of our Barleydine TV episodes. A ridiculous stack of meat on a roll with a few veggies and lots of cheese. This thing was one extreme palate laden sandwich. Sure, I know what your thinking a heart attack on a bun.

We started the sandwich with a grilled Delmonico steak which was topped with a freshly grilled sausage patty. Let me pause for a moment to mention just how well the steak and sausage went together. Much like putting bacon on a burger. After the sausage we layered on a some bacon, we’re a glutton for punishment, as well as some fresh peppers and mushrooms, fried egg and several layers of cheese. This is a lot of flavor for one sandwich, it’s hard to believe till you actually give it a shot.

Samuel Smiths Taddy Porter was the chosen beer for such a manly stack of meat. I chose not to contrast this sandwich given that would require a Pale Ale or IPA which we drink a lot of. Decided instead to compliment all those wonderful flavors. The body of the beer is fairly light, not super heavy in mouthfeel which was nice as not to compete with the heavy flavors of the meal. Porters are generally not hoppy beers, malt sweetness stands out as one of the most prevalent flavors. Within all that malt, one will pick up bitter notes from the dark malts, almost coffee like. So, in this beer hops don’t contribute 100% to the bitterness, part of that is from the dark malts. The beer possesses a nice roasted flavor as well which links up well with the grilled meats. All that malt sweetness stands nicely besides the caramelized flavors of the steak and sausage while the beers bitterness cuts gently through all the heavy, savory flavors including the cheeses and egg.

This sandwich was created by the Wingman. I must say I was somewhat skeptical when he told me the meat lineup, but it really did go well together. As for the beer, that held up well, a nice hearty Porter to stand up next to a true mans sandwich. Until next time…

beer + food = Barleydine



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