Foreign/Export Stout | 6.50% ABV

I was quite fortunate to have had the chance to try this beer. Thanks to my International Traveling friend Mike. His job takes him all over the world, giving him the opportunity to try all kinds of beers.

Those of you out there that are Guinness fans and haven’t had the Foreign Export Stout are really missing out. The Guinness that is brewed for this country is far less impressive than it’s foreign cousin. Foreign Extra Stout is loaded with flavor. Lots of malt characteristics such as coffee and cocoa notes as well as a nice hoppy finish. The body of this beer is considerably heavier than regular Guinness. Which for those of us used to craft brewed Stouts can really appreciate. Nothing worse than a watery Stout in my opinion.

I was never all that impressed by the American Guinness, it’s watery and flavorless in my opinion. It’s a Stout made for adjunct lager drinkers. The Foreign Extra Stout is brewed in many other countries that have more discerning tastes.

Pairing Suggestions: BBQ spare ribs, hearty meat stew, chocolate desert.

beer + food = Barleydine



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