Tripel | 8.10% ABV

A – a honey shade w/ mild haziness and thick eggshell cap of 2 fingers w/ a good amount of head retention. You can see bubbles rising up rapidly and the bead is tiny

S – A welcome aroma of papaya, sweet malt and mild spice w/ mellow earthy notes of herbs emanate from the goblet
A light pineapple and spice note is detected, probably yeast derived scent. The smell of subtle grain and citrus flutter in the background

M – Crisp, lively and highly effervescent quality and mild spicy notes w/ a gentle herbal tinge w/ peppery accent on the tongue. Somewhere in the middle of sweet and dry w/ a moderate effect of alcohol on the palate. The finish is long and malty w/ a significant amount of yeast texture, relatively light in body for the strength

T – A sweet yet tropical fruit taste in the entry w/ a mild herbal and slight creamy malt flavor w/ mild sugar and subtle biscuit flavor w/ a mild tinge of dried pineapple and melon
The taste has a smooth jazzy feel w/ rice influence noted in the taste slightly but like rice pudding gives a sweet flavor, though not very grainy at all. The tropical taste keeps rolling and the depth increasing in flavor toward the middle. The flavor of the basil gives a hint of green /herbal to the tripel as the alcohol flavor becomes more pronounced as it nears cellar temp and the yeast has a mix of spice notes and accents the sweetness of the malt +rice well. A mild toasted note is picked up w/ a bit of dry herb and the yeast character is prominent in the final sips

D – A tasty take on the traditional tripel w/ basil and rice giving the kind of herbal and spice w/ yeast adding a seriously fresh and tropical kind of drinkability -Kudos to the Bruery!

Pairing suggestions: Asparagus, pheasant, Alfredo pasta, crab cakes, St. Andre cheese, baklava, apricot-Amaretto tort.

beer + food = Barleydine

Reviewed by Slatetank @ BeerAdvocate



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