American Pale Wheat | 6.20% ABV

What a terrific wheat beer! Pours a light golden color with a lovely billowing white head that laces the glass. The nose is full of citrusy and fruit notes. This wheat has such a lovely body, smooth and silky with a very different flavor for a wheat ale. This one is loaded with hops giving it the bitterness of a tangy Pale Ale. Such a fabulous beer for those of us who love hops. A nice light, silky base with a fantastic hop bill unlike most wheat ales.

Pairing notes:

Our meal for this beer was quite experimental. We dreamed this thing up one day while eating breakfast with a few beers. We call it the Billtown Salad, it’s a play on the very popular Pittsburgh salad. A nice spring green mix, topped with sauteed onions, cheese, tator tots, steak and fried eggs. Yes, fried eggs, you did read that right. The eggs stood in for the dressing, the savory flavor of the yolk did such a wonderful job. Exit 11 went perfect with this salad. No shortage of flavor here, so the hoppy wheat ale did the trick. The light wheat body didn’t overpower the lightness of the salad. Yet all the hops marched in and controlled the savory flavors from the steak, cheese and egg. It was nothing short of perfection. Trust me, this is a must try.

beer + food = Barleydine


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