Gin | 80 proof

Dogfish Head distilled a Gin with pineapple mint, juniper berry, green peppercorn and rosemarry botanicals. Juniper Berry is a common ingredient in gin and usually accounts for the majority of the flavor depending on the gin. There are other gin’s such as Bombay that have a very distinct “piney” flavor which comes primarily from Juniper. Dogfish however has put their spin on gin, much like they do with their beers. Jin is very distinct in flavor. The mint and peppercorns really come through in the flavor, followed by a light note of the rosemary. Dogfish has done it again. Taking a common, ordinary liquor and giving it their signature twist.

Dogfish has really become a contender in the craft beer market in the past several years. Concocting very unique beers, such as 120 IPA and Red & White. They also recreate ancient beers, whose recipes have been unearthed and translated by archeologists. Dogfish is constantly releasing very unique beers. They are one brewery for you to keep an eye on.

Pairing suggestions: tonic and lime, along with a couple friends and cigars.

beer + food = Barleydine

Dogfish Jin reviewed by Lep Himself


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