Canned Beer Apocalypse

We had some great news cross our desk yesterday afternoon. Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons CO became the first official supporter of Barleydine. All of the crew here at Barleydine is very excited to have them on board. We couldn’t ask for a better brewery to work with.

Now days we see lots of craft beer popping up in cans. Oskar Blues led this revolution in canning good beer. They canned their first beer in 2002 and it’s been great for their business ever since. First off the line was Dales which is a wonderful rendition of an American Pale Ale. Without a doubt the staple beer here at Barleydine. Other canned offerings are Gordon, which is a DIPA or Double Red. There is Mama’s Little Yellow Pils (Pilsner), Old Chub (Scottish Ale) and TenFidy (Imperial Stout). Though their lineup may be small, they have perfected each beer. Instead of a large mediocre line-up, like many other craft breweries, they have a small very well executed beer selection. They do offer some unique beers out at the Brewpub in Lyons, but they are pub-only beers. We are working on getting a few of those out here.

Our contact at Oskar’s, Nick Lensing is a fantastic representative for the brewery. He and the brewery shows interest in ideas that we tossed around and are willing to support us in any way that they can. Our first task will be to organize an Oskar Blues beer dinner in Williamsport. We’ve begun to touch base with a couple restaurants to see who will best fit our ideas for the shin-dig. If your in the area or live nearby you won’t want to miss this event.

Ideas are flying around here at Barleydine and we look forward to making them happen. Which will be much easier now with Oskar Blues on our team.

Thanks Dales and Gordon!

beer + food = Barleydine

Oskar Blues Brewery



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