Barleywine | 11.00% ABV

Over the course of the past year I’ve begun to truly appreciate the complexity of a well made Barleywine. I’ve had the pleasure of trying some fantastic renditions of the style as well as some big flops. These beers are big, the original big beers. They have it all, high malt, high hops and high alcohol. They certainly aren’t for the bleached beer drinker. Some can absolutely shred your palate while others are so smooth, balanced and calm. Currently in American Barleywine’s are a tad underestimated in my opinion because the crowd is so interested in super hopped blonde ales. If your not familiar with the style certainly give them a try. There are some gateway Barleywine’s such as Red Hook Treblehook which will get you tip-toing into the style.

I’ve been receiving Duck-Rabbit beers like crazy in my trades. I’ve heard of them but until recently had never tried anything from them. They claim to be the dark beer specialist and in the couple of beers I’ve had of theirs so far, their claim is true. Duck-Rabbit Barleywine pours a beautiful dark amber color with a small tan head. There isn’t much for head retention or lacing. Upon first whiff I noticed loads of malt with hints of hops and lots of alcohol. I knew at that point I was going to be in for a real treat. The flavor was very big and very well balanced. Loaded with malt notes such as caramel and roasted flavors leading to a large hop bill that is followed by heat. All that heat is brought on by the 11% abv. It’s not an over abundant alcohol flavor. The heat flows very nicely with the flavor of the beer that leads to a very pleasant long finish.

Duck-Rabbit really knows how to brew up a slammin’ Barleywine. I’ve also had the pleasure of trying their Baltic Porter which I will review in the future. I would totally agree that Duck-Rabbit is a dark beer specialist.

Pairing Suggestions:

Very gamy and heavy meat stews, very strong cheese, very sweet desert.

beer + food = Barleywine

Beer reviewed by LEP Himself



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