Russian Imperial Stout | 9.50% ABV

Beer notes:

Oskar Blues, as most of you already know, was the first micro-brewery to stuff a full flavored craft beer into a can. Their first canned beer was Dales Pale Ale which has developed a huge cult-type following. Oskar didn’t stop their, they went as far to cram a Russian Imperial Stout into a can. Ten Fidy is a full flavored RIS contender to any other offering on the market. It’s packs a wicked punch for the palate. Loaded with malt causing a very viscous jet black pour. No light is piercing that glass. The head builds fluffy and dark tan leaving some gentle lacing on the glass. This beer is all malt on the tongue with lots of coffee and chocolate flavor. This is a very solid Imperial Stout that will easily stand its ground against the many other RIS’s out there.

Pairing Notes:

I’ve drank a lot of Stouts. I’ve had them with steaks, with cheeses, cakes, in milkshakes and so on. I really switched it up tonight. I cracked open a can of Ten Fidy and decided I wanted to enjoy a hot fudge sundae with my beer. Your probably wondering where I did the switch up. Well, I didn’t just top the ice cream with fudge, I added a little bacon as well. I know, many of you are probably gagging at the thought of bacon on ice cream. Let me tell you though that you sure are missing a treat if you turn your nose up at this delight. Basically all the bacon is doing is adding a salt flavor much like peanuts would do. Add that with the fudge topping and you have a winning combination. The chocolate flavors from the malt linked well with the fudge topping as well as marrying well with the vanilla ice cream. The salt flavor from the bacon was tamed nicely by the coffee bitterness of the beer really balanced things out very well. Honestly give this a try, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

beer + food = Barleydine

Beer and food reviewed by LEP Himself


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