This style was all new to me with this beer. Somehow this style flew under my radar for some time and I consider myself to be fairly well educated on beer styles.

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Barleywine’s. I’m not talking entry level Barleywine’s that are watery and easily palatable by the novice beer drinker. I’m talking about the heavy, viscous, hot Barleywine’s that surprise even the most seasoned beer geeks palate. A Wheatwine is somewhat similar to a Barleywine, yet as you may have suspected, different. At first sniff your nose is loaded with malt and alcohol that leads to a slight wheat aroma. That over abundance of aroma leads straight to the flavor which in some ways is quite similar to a Barleywine. The boozy heat and viscous body are very familiar. That’s where the similarities end. Wheatwine’s are lighter and more refreshing even with that heavy body and alcohol heat. Imagine maybe an Imperial Wheat beer, increased body, alcohol and flavor. That may be a good start in imagining a Wheatwine.

I must say, I was stumped on what I would pair with this fabulous beer. After a lot of thought I’ve come up with a desert that I think may go quite well. A strawberry shortcake sundae with artisan strawberry vinegar and nemesis drizzle. I have not executed this pairing yet but will in the coming days.

My thinking with the desert comes first from the refreshing qualities of the beer. When I think warm weather and refreshing beer my mind immediately goes to strawberries. Add to that ice cream to link with the sweetness of the beer and the vinegar to tame the alcohol. Once the alcohol is out of the way, the rest of the flavors from the desert and beer will flow freely on the palate.

Watch for the review…..

beer + food = Barleydine


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