TRIPEL | 9.00% ABV

It just so happens that I had a formally trained Chef crashing on my couch for a week. He was a colleague of mine when the two of us taught. Turns out he needed a place to crash just before he moved himself back to Philly to meet up with his wife. While he was here, he displayed some of his superb culinary skills and whipped up some fantastic meals for us to enjoy with some beauties from the cellar.

On this fine evening he tore up the kitchen making a sweet ass cut of grilled beef with sauteed potatoes and grilled asparagus. The beef was grilled spot on, to the perfect moment. Just past the point of rare but just before we went to far into medium. The Asparagus had just made it’s way to tender and the potatoes were seasoned to perfection. I had truly never enjoyed such a succulent piece of meat in my life. I have yet to replicate this dish that seemed so effortless by Chef. In the process of culinary perfection he mentioned a few flavors he felt would compliment the dish. Mentioning notes such as sweetness and fruity, I hit the cellar and quickly returned with Allagash Tripel Reserve.

Tripel Reserve is loaded with sweet notes that emulate from the excessive malt used to make the beer. The body is fairly full and the yeast used in the beer produces some lovely fruity notes such as peaches and pineapple. Hops are fairly faint in this beer, although they do make a slight appearance just before the alcohol kick in the finish.

Pairing Notes:

The excessive malt sweetness linked so well with the perfectly prepared cut of meat while the slight taste of hops cut the fattiness. That hop bitterness also cleared the palate while the moderate alcohol heat disengaged the slight earthy flavors of the Asparagus and potatoes. Overall there was a nice finish with the beer after a bite of the savory dish. The Belgian influence of the beer just seemed to link so well and compliment the nuances of Chef’s dish.

beer + food = Barleydine

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