With the summer months rolling my tastes for beers shift a bit due to the heat. I’m a seasonal drinker, preferring the lighter beers in the heated months of the year and saving darker beers for the cooler seasons.

All day my mind was stuck on the thought of a snappy crisp pilsner. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a must try beer style. No, not the mass marketed beers that claim to be pilsner or pilsner style. You must try the real deal, perhaps a Pilsner Urquel which happens to be the original Pilsner, brewed in Pilzn, Czech Republic in the 19th Century.

Pilsner’s were a remarkable feet during a time when beers were dark and heavy. Imagine seeing a Pils for the first time after only ever drinking Dopplebocks or Bocks. The beautiful blonde color, light body, perfect clarity and moderate noble hoppiness make this a remarkable beer, to say the least. Crisp, snappy and dry with a lengthy finish.

Victory Prima Pils is a fantastic American rendition of the Pilsner style. Perhaps not brewed exactly to the style standards, there is an American punch from the introduction of a little more hop flavor. Prima Pils is very crisp, dry and superb clarity. Probably the best American version of such a classic style.

Given it’s light body and delicate appearance, it stands that any food should reflect the same characteristics. I chose to bake a slab of dry-rubbed Salmon to accompany my Prima Pils. The spices of the dry-rub teamed well with hop bitterness while those same hops cut intense Salmon fattiness. A small side salad accompanied the Salmon which was a perfect side dish. Very light and crisp, it complimented the beer very well. With the heat rising, a cold Pilsner and light meal was a perfect refreshment.

UncleBarley Josh

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