Russian River Brewing Company crafts some of the most sought after beers in all of America. Located in Santa Rosa, CA, RRBC has a very distinct and popular line of Wild Ales called by some the “-tion” series. With names such as Temptation, Supplication, Beautification as well as several others. Russian River also brews up two of the countries most popular IPA’s. Pliny the Elder is a fantastic West Coast DIPA while it’s brethren Pliny the Younger is a highly sought after seasonal TIPA. Unfortunately, Russian River has very low distribution and there are no plans to expand. Currently you can find their beers in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado out west. If you want their beers on the East side, Philly is the only place to go. I know first hand that Russian River is not distributed outside of Philly at all. If your looking for these beers, most likely you’ll be driving or trading to get some.

Temptation is a very popular barrel aged wild beer with quite a reputation. Wondering what all the hype was about, I began my quest to nail one down. Since I live hours of from Philly I ended up trading to acquire my share. Upon it’s arrival I immediately cellared it to allow the beer to settle. Several days later, it was chilled for only a few minutes to prepare the beer for my consumption.

I will start by saying, Temptation lives up to any and all the hype that might surround said beverage. This is without a doubt one of most well crafted Wild Ales I’ve ever experienced. Temptation pours a light and cloudy golden hue with a substantial fluffy white head. Hints of vanilla and fruit are present in the aroma leading directly into the flavor. The body is light and crisp with a hint of dry and a very well balanced amount of tartness. This is a very drinkable wild beer. This is a very well planned and thought out sour, not the typical barrel-aged wild mess that can be found in many other breweries. Temptation has structure that is made very clear to the person enjoying this wonderful beer.

Pairing suggestions: light salads, sweeter seafoods, escargot, Stilton

beer + food = Barleydine



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