Yet another very sought after brewery. Three Floyd’s claim to fame is there special Imperial Stout release called Dark Lord, which I have yet to experience. I have one in my cellar but have not found the right occasion to enjoy it. Now, that I’ve finally experienced Three Floyd’s with Dreadnaught Imperial IPA I will be frantically searching for that “right” moment to crack Dark Lord.

Dreadnaught has to be the most unique DIPA I’ve had to date. The flavor profile and introduction of each flavor is so original. The nose is not much different than your run of the mill Imperial IPA, loaded with fresh hop aromas. It’s the flavor that opens your eyes. At first, there is a nice moderate hop bitterness that leads so nicely right into a sweet malty flavor. Dreadnaught seems so well balanced, but it’s at the end of the sip that you get a blast of hops that leaves a bitter, lingering long finish. It is so unique at how each flavor is somewhat spot lighted at separate times.

Great pairings would include some Spicy Thai and Carrot Cake. Dreadnaught lends itself so well to these foods given it’s unique structure of hops and malts. In the Thai’s case, the hops intensify the spice while the malts tame them. It works from both sides at the same time. The carrot cake is the exact opposite. The hop bitterness contrasts nicely with the abundant sweetness of the thick cream cheese icing. While the malts link up beautifully with the body of the cake. This truly is a unique Imperial IPA and a perfect example for pairing. Three Floyd’s has very low distribution which makes it quite hard to come by. By all means, don’t let that hold you back from getting one of these great beers.

beer + food = Barleydine



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